Business Insider: I took my teens to an all-inclusive resort. It was a better family experience than the Disney Cruise we are used to.

I have two teen sons — 13 and 14 — and my husband and I have always prioritized travel and experiences over material possessions. This means we drive an older, mediocre car but spend money on nice vacations. Traveling allows us to connect outside our daily lives, and I also believe it reinforces cooperation and teamwork.

For the past five years or so, we’ve been taking our kids on cruises, usually to the Caribbean and usually on Disney Cruise Line. We typically don’t see a lot of our teens on a cruise, which we’ve never seen as a negative. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy hanging out with our kids, probably more than they enjoy hanging out with us, but Disney Cruises has excellent teen programming, and my kids stay busy.


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