Rovology: Shipping Containers Changing the Landscape of Dining and Shopping – 9 to Check Out

“Your destination is on the right.”

The robotic monotone of my car’s navigation system let me know coffee was nearby. I’d punched in the address for Island Joe’s at the suggestion of a friend who told me this was the place to grab coffee in the Texas coastal town of Corpus Christi.

My coffee needs are pretty basic: a cup of regular old drip filter to jump start on my day. By this time, I’d been up for nearly an hour without my daily dose.

The coffee place didn’t do much for me, but my friend’s suggestion was near my hotel, and coffee needed to happen soon.

Despite my usual morning grumpiness, my face spread into an involuntary grin as I pulled into the Island Joe’s Coffee and Gallery parking lot. Multiple shipping containers stacked atop each other in vivid oranges, blues, greens, and yellows loomed before me. Maybe it was the quirky design and bright colors combined with the impending promise of hot coffee that lifted my mood, but I noticed a palpable joy not usually present when I look at a building – whether there’s coffee inside or not.

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